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Why Limonada?

When you shop with Limonada, you are not only receiving something beautiful and authentic, but you are also giving work to a woman who might not have many other opportunities. Working with artisans is not easy. The logistics are complicated and it is expensive. Most women we work with, work from their homes in very rural places.  One of our artisans must travel six hours to drop off her inserts at the nearest FedEx office. Even though it isn't easy, we firmly believe having something artisan made is worth it and here are a few reasons why:


More than ever, we know how important it is to connect with people and places. I hope, when you see our clothes, you feel a connection to Mexico and its artisans.  


Beautiful, colorful things brighten the spirit and simply makes us feel good. We hope that seeing these colorful embroideries will brighten your day. 


I believe that it is important to learn about other cultures. I hope that Limonada inspires you to learn a little more about the cultures of the artisans who make our beautiful dresses.  


Having an income is the key to control. Even though our impact is small, we hope to give the artisans we work with some control over their lives through income.