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Life in Mexico

Few things have captured my imagination like Mexico. In 2014 I met my husband there and a fascination with a place became a life there. Our home in Mexico City happened to be right across the street from a picturesque pink sewing shop, and one of the women specialized in little girls’ dresses. Sujei would sew the cutest dresses and when I would travel to different artisan communities around Mexico, I’d have them embroidered. This is how Limonada started.  

One of my favorite things to do is go visit the communities we work with.  Waking up in Oaxaca to hot chocolate and a mole tamal and heading out to the villages is about as sweet as it gets. Because Limonada is small, I have gotten to know each of the families we work with.  Each family specializes in a particular style of embroidery or weaving that is particular to the place where they are from. They are all led by strong women who are entrepreneurs and are experts at what they do.    

When life gives you lemons

I’ve faced many challenges along the way- From small things like receiving textiles with the wrong embroidery colors, to larger issues, like the 2017 earthquakes and the current pandemic.  Each “limon” that we’ve been handed has given us an opportunity to learn, grow, and make Limonada better.      

In 2020 my husband and I moved to Austin right before the world shut down.  I am looking forward to getting things moving again as the places we work with slowly open back up. If you’ve been with us along the way, thank you for your support, the reaction to Limonada has been amazing!  If you are just joining us, welcome and I hope you love what we are doing here.