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Care Tips

Hand Wash

On our care labels you will see that we suggest hand washing.  While hand washing is one of the most gentle ways to clean a garment, do not let your dress soak in water for a long time!  Simply wash, ring out, and remove from water.  


Delicate Cycle

If you use a machine to wash your garments, please turn it inside out and use the delicate cycle.  We also highly recommend using mesh wash bags from Target.  They are fantastic!  

Hang to Dry

For all Limonada pieces, we highly recommend hanging to dry.  This will give the fabric and hand work an extended life.

Snip Snip

Our Daniela dress and Fiesta dress embroidery inserts are designed to fray up to the stitch line.  If you get some loose threads, just give them a little snip or pull any loose threads.  Don't be afraid of using your scissors!  Just remember to snip and pull only above the stitch line.   


Steam Away

Give your Limonada a little love from a steamer.  We use mostly poly-cotton fabric to avoid excessive wrinkling, but for those stubborn wrinkles, we love our mini steamer from Amazon.  Who has time to iron anyway?!